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Improves customer service, pharmacy efficiency and reduces losses from misplaced or return-to-stock prescriptions.

bin Control Pad

SmartCheck Will-Call Management will effectively manage your Pharmacy Will-Call process! Using barcode scanning technology, SmartCheck can be applied in five different configuration modes to fit any existing application or to provide the latest cutting-edge bin management technology with SmartBin Light Activated Bins.

SMARTBIN - No More Lost Prescriptions

SmartBin Light Activated Bins light a small light associated with an assigned storage location. The staff member stores the prescription in the assigned location and then activates a task button indicating the prescription has been stored. If the prescription is not stored in the assigned location the bin light remains illuminated, alerting the pharmacy that the storage process has not been completed. In this way misplaced prescriptions are brought to the attention of the pharmacy, eliminating lost prescriptions.

Patient Pick-Up

Control Pad

When the patient comes to pick-up their prescription, the patient's name or telephone number is entered into the SmartCheck Will-Call Management terminal, the appropriate SmartBin light is illuminated and the prescription is located instantly. SmartCheck Will-Call Management provides the ability to store batch prescriptions in the same location through identifying a common telephone number. Refrigerator, Reconstitute, Batch, Partial Fill, Delivery, Mail, etc., are also supported.

Patient Pick-Up Reminder

SmartCheck Will-Call Management can notify SmartCall, with optional Outbound Calling enabled, to call the customer to remind them to pick-up their prescriptions, whether just ordered or scheduled as a prefill. Several messages can be designed to be delivered at various times prior to the prescription being restocked; increasing the probability the customer will pick-up their prescription and avoiding the lost productivity and revenue associated with restocking.

Reports -

Reports can be generated and provided at the store level or using the SMARTCHECK Enterprise System, reporting capability can be expanded.

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