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SMARTCHECK III - The Perfect Solution for Prescription Verification, Will-Call Bin Management and Digital Signature Capture.

control pad

SMARTCHECK III is designed as a multi-functional pharmacy terminal, providing essential services for the busy pharmacy wanting to ensure patient safety, improve customer service and enhance pharmacy productivity and profitability.

SMARTCHECK III will transform your pharmacy into one of efficiency, certainty and compliance in three ways.

1. Verification: Provides the ability to verify the prescription label and the product source bottle and pack size; ensuring the prescribed medication matches the delivered patient medication.

control pad

2. Will-Call Management: Provides a fool-proof way to store and retrieve medications from your prescription storage locations or from SmartBins, eliminating misplaced prescriptions and providing prescription aging information for better inventory control and customer service.

control pad

3. Signature Capture: The SmartCheck terminal, used in conjunction with a Symbol signature pad, captures HIPAA, counseling, safety cap, and prescription pick-up information that can be stored for later retrieval.

SMARTCHECK: Smart Idea for Pharmacies!

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