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SMARTCHECK allows pharmacies to accept, store and recall signature and prescription information to fulfill HIPAA requirements and compliance initiatives.

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Patient signatures, or those picking up prescriptions for the patient, are recorded at the time the prescription is picked up at the pharmacy. The items identified in the record are the HIPAA signature, counseling and safety cap questions, time of pick-up, electronic signature of the patient or patient representative and the pharmacist responsible for filling the prescription. A photo copy of patient identification can also be included in the record.

SMARTCHECK Incorporates a Digital Signature Capture Device.

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SmartCheck manages patient consent signatures and provides easy access to consent information. By scanning the label at the time of pick-up SmartCheck automatically determines if the patient does or does not have a signature on file. The patient is only prompted to sign electronic documents appropriate to them, which are then recorded and archived for record keeping purposes.

Data Base Archiving

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SmartCheck Signature Capture stores the prescription information in a database. The information is stored at the local pharmacy temporarily and at a remote archiving location permanently, eliminating the need for paper records. The information and signatures can be accessed at any time for customer reference or audit considerations. The signature history for a specific prescription can be re-created at any time, including the pharmacist responsible for filling the prescription.

Real Time Point of Sale Information and Enterprise Wide Solutions (Optional)


When the customer retrieves prescriptions from the pharmacy, SmartCheck creates a record that can be exported in real time to the Point of Sale (POS) system. The store POS system can use the information provided by SmartCheck to create and track a sales event. The cashier can scan the prescription as an item during the checkout process. This gives the customer the flexibility of a single checkout point while allowing the pharmacy to ensure that each prescription is paid for. Using end-of-day reports, prescriptions given to customers can be reconciled with prescriptions that have been scanned at a cash register. “Walk out” prescriptions can be identified and customers can be contacted regarding the missing prescription. SmartCheck is also available in an Enterprise Application.

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Download a Brochure »

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