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Processes filled prescriptions efficiently and accurately, allowing pharmacies to improve workflow productivity and to confidently ensure patient safety.


SMARTCHECK VERIFICATION streamlines the prescription filling and verification process.

SMARTCHECK actually speaks to employees, making it simple and easy to use.

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SMARTCHECK Verification is designed to emulate the pharmacy's workflow philosophies and activity. SmartCheck Prescription Verification easily fits into already established pharmacy operations and services, allowing pharmacies to verify prescriptions with accuracy and speed.

SMARTCHECK Verification increases accuracy by using the NDC (USA), DIN and product UPC numbers (Canada) to help ensure that the correct drug is dispensed from the proper source with the correct medication, strength and bulk pill count. With a quick scan of the source bottle and a quick scan of the prescription label SmartCheck SMARTCHECK III acts as "another set of eyes".

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If an error occurs SmartCheck notifies the Pharmacist by voice announcement and visually displays the information indicating a potential problem. The Pharmacist can then quickly review the information and take appropriate corrective action. SmartCheck is configured so that there are virtually no additional steps to filling prescriptions, yet all prescriptions can be checked, tracked and logged into the database. Optionally, the original prescription can also be scanned and stored.

ERROR CONDITIONS are tracked as they occur. SmartCheck includes REPORTS and an optional ENTERPRISE WIDE SOLUTION.

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