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Outbound Calling

Smart Solutions provides the ability to place automated outbound telephone calls to patients to deliver HIPAA compliant messages that will improve patient convenience, patient compliance and pharmacy profitability. Smart Outbound Calling is provided through Smart's Service Bureau located in Salt Lake City, UT and therefore doesn't require special hardware at the pharmacy location.

Smart Outbound Calling is used in conjunction with SmartCall Patient Messaging and provides new efficiency and professionalism for pharmacies and enhances customer loyalty by reminding customers to pick-up their prescriptions, whether refills or new; by saving staff time in restocking prescriptions and reducing staff dreaded tasks (at lease one of them).

Smart Outbound Calling can also aid in distributing important information to patients such as drug recall alerts. With Smart Outbound Calling only HIPAA compliant messages are delivered to the customer based on prescription type and patient need.

Smart Outbound Calling can aid patients by reminding them of special clinics or precautions and can even be used to inform patients and customers of special sales or events.

The service is easy to implement; all that is needed is a daily data file provided by the pharmacy management system, downloaded to Smart headquarters identifying the patient information, the fill date and if the prescription has been picked up or not. If the pharmacy practice management system does not have the ability to provide the data file Smart Solutions can provide hardware and software solutions that facilitate the gathering of the data.

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