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Interactive Voice Response

Smart Solutions has been providing technologically advanced Pharmacy Interactive Voice Response (IVR) applications since 1995. Our customers are among some of the largest Food Store and Pharmacy Service Providers in the United States and Canada and include Mail Order, Hospital and Chain store applications. Smart's products include SMARTCALL SR, SMARTCHECK Prescription Verification, Will-Call Management and Signature Capture as well as SMARTWEB Internet Prescription Ordering and specialized Outbound Calling Patient Messaging to provide for Auto-fill notification or patient pick-up reminders. Other compliance and special pharmacy notices can also be delivered to patients that warrant reminding. These products, all oriented toward enhancing pharmacy productivity and improved customer service, also provide the best price/ performance ratio within the marketplace. Smart applications also include a specialized, extended life application server. Smart's products carry the industry's best hardware and software warranty; providing years of trouble free and worry free service, allowing our customers to focus on their pharmacy business exclusively. SMARTCALL comes with a minimum 5-port configuration expandable to 15-ports


SMARTCALL IVR (SMARTCALL) is the technologically leading IVR in the Pharmacy Industry. Its ability to interface with any telephone system already in use within a pharmacy and its unparalleled feature complement make it the preferred choice for any pharmacy whether, Chain, Hospital or Independent. SMARTCALL utilizes the latest in computer hardware, firmware and software to provide the longest lasting, most reliable extended life application possible, maximizing pharmacy Return on Investment (ROI). SMARTCALL also features the industry's most comprehensive support, maintenance and warranty policy. SMARTCALL has all the features of the SMARTCALL SR, except for Speech Recognition capability. If you are looking for the best Pharmacy IVR, SMARTCALL is the wise choice.

SMARTCALL Speech Recognition (SR) System replaces conventional Interactive Voice Response (IVR) for retail Pharmacies.


With SMARTCALL SR you have the best of all voice technology worlds with the ability for the customer to order their prescriptions by speaking into the telephone without the use of the telephone keypad or to continue using the standard IVR telephone keypad interface. SMARTCALL SR is designed around Smart Solutions' Customer Modeling process, which allows Smart to emulate the pharmacy's customer service philosophies and activity. SMARTCALL SR easily fits into already established pharmacy operations and services, providing exceptional customer service and pharmacy productivity.



The SMARTCALL AANI appliance is the optimal design for voice and speech applications. It is compact it can be wall-mounted and rack mounted in 19- inch rack or bookcase mounted on appropriate shelving or desk (H, 5-1/2 in; W, 13-1/2 in; D, 11-1/2 in. It is designed for low heat, low power usage, long life, and high resistance to impact, vibrations and data corruption. It is network ready on an RJ 45. It can be administered by the pharmacy or by the SMARTCALL GUI.

SMARTCALL Patient Messaging

SMARTCALL's unique ability extends to providing special Patient Messaging when coupled with SMARTCHECK's Will-Call Management module. With Patient Messaging, customers can be reminded to pick-up their prescription to aid in customer compliance and also to reduce the necessity of the pharmacy restocking medications. With an active Prefill program in the pharmacy, patient prescriptions can be automatically filled and then the patient can be called to let them know their prescription is ready for pick-up. Other customized messages can be created by the store for patient delivery.

Smart Solutions is the Industry's Leading Innovator

  • First with Affordable Retail Speech Recognition for Pharmacies
  • First with Auto Attendant as a standard feature
  • First with Automated Server Management (Guardian Angel)
  • First with Caller ID
  • First with Customer System Bypass
  • First with Doctor Call Paging
  • First with Doctor Message Waiting Notification
  • First with Full-store Application
  • First with Graphical (GUI) Remote Administration
  • First with In-store Paging as a standard feature
  • First with Linux Voice Processing Solution
  • First with Mail Order and Delivery as a standard feature
  • First with Up-front Integration as a standard feature

Standard Features:

  • Auto Attendant - Allows for fullstore applications
  • Additional Rx Notification
  • Archives Scripts for 6 days
  • Caller ID recognizes a customer or a Doctor; when recognized they do not have to manually identify themselves
  • Customer Errors are monitored and transfers to the staff are automatic
  • Customer ID in 5 ways
  • Customer Mailbox
  • Dial "0" For Operator-default at any time
  • Doctor Call Paging
  • Dr. Line Ringing
  • Dr. Mailbox
  • Employee mailboxes
  • Fault Tolerance _ If power or system fails telephone lines are cut through to the Rx
  • Full-Store Application
  • Holiday Hours - Up to 10 holiday settings per Rx
  • Host System - Smart Pharmacy Host System (PHS) integration
  • Mail Order and Delivery
  • Manages Multiple Prescription Pick-up Times
  • Music On Hold
  • Number of Digits - Rx Digits can be changed by the system administrator
  • Number of Refills - SmartCall will take up to 30 refills from the same customer
  • Off-Site Transfer - After-hours
  • Patient Messaging - Special scripted messaging for prefill, pick-up reminder, compliance, informational, advertising or promotional purposes
  • Pharmacist Break Programmability
  • Prescription Status - If Rx is ready or not, refills remaining, when the Rx will be ready
  • Prompt Override
  • Programmable Identification Numbers(PIN)
  • Refill Time Adjusting
  • Remote System Access For Technical Support
  • Selectable Call Handling
  • Special Greetings
  • Speech Recognition - Standard with the SmartCall SR
  • System Access - Provided through Rx terminal, Smart GUI or TTY
  • System Prompts - System prompts can be recorded by store or corporate personnel
  • System Reports are available on a daily, weekly, monthly, annual, & biannual basis
  • System Security - HIPAA secure - Three levels of pharmacy security
  • Telephone Line Ringing of incoming calls
  • Total Telephone System Integration SmartCall works with any conventional phone system
  • Voice Mail - Each SmartCall is equipped with 200 mailboxes for employees, customers or doctors
  • Voice Mail Paging - The pharmacy can be paged when messages are left in mailboxes
  • Variable Script Length - Up to 10 digits

Optional features:

  • Alternate Language- Up to 7 alternate languages
  • Dr. Fax Approval
  • SMARTCALL GUI Administration
  • SMARTCALL Automated Server Management (Guardian Angel)

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