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Internet Prescription Refill Ordering

Internet Prescription Refill Ordering

SmartWeb Online Refill Services -

Smart Solutions has created an advanced, yet simple on-line pharmacy refill process. SmartWeb Internet refill process provides patients with real-time information for a specific pharmacy location for their prescription. The refill request will automatically be placed in the refill queue of the appropriate store. Just like SmartCall IVR, SmartWeb provides superior real-time customer service.

Example Responses

  • Refillable
  • Expired
  • No refills remaining
  • Too early to fill
  • Already in the work queue

Flexible Prescription Pickup Scheduling -

Not only does the service allow online refills, it can provide patients with expected pick-up times (may require SmartCall Pharmacy IVR). Prescriptions can be scheduled for pickup based on customized store settings, Day-of-Week, Time-of-Day or the need to contact a physician. During pharmacy busy times, the system will automatically adjust prescription filling time.

Customer Prescription Status -

If the host Pharmacy Management system provides the information, or if SmartCheck Will-Call Management is employed, customers can go on-line to check the status of their prescription order.

Example Statuses

  • Ready for pickup
  • Waiting to be processed
  • In process
  • Pickup up

Mail Order and Delivery -

Mail Order and Delivery options are now available for pharmacies that wish to offer this service to their patients.

No Refills/Expired Prescriptions -

If a patient requests a refill and there are no refills available or the prescription is expired, SmartWeb can ask the patient if they would like the pharmacy to contact the doctor to autorize a new prescription.

For a demonstration CLICK HERE

Follow the explanations in the right hand panel to proceed through the demonstration.

If you have any questions or need help please call Smart Solutions at 801-485-5956 and choose the Sales option.

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